What You Need To Know Before You Start Your Own Goat Farm

If you planning to start up your own goat farm there are few things that you need to know in order to make your goat farm a successful business.

Find below some of the things you should know before starting up your own goat farm

Likely expences of a goat farm business

The majority of cost for your goat farm business are:

  • goats,
  • feed supplements,
  • health,
  • transportation,
  • land,
  • labour,
  • selling,
  • administration and
  • other miscellaneous costs.goat farm - How to start a goat farm

The cost of your goat farm could be further subdivided into costs for acquiring the doe, buck and the breeding fees.

Feeding price involve costs for hay, grain and vitamins.

Since you want to make a living out of raising goats, you need to have an in-depth knowledge about goats and the basics of goat farm first before going into the business.

First, you should determine your reason of goat farm why you want to go into goat farm business.

 Goat Farming Business – Start Up Your Own Goat Farm

Additional Factors You Must Consider For Your Goat Farm Venture


How To Start Goat Farming Business

Since you have no experience raising goats and would like to get started, learn from others’ experiences.

You can learn from producers who are raising meat goats.

Also decide what type of goats and what breed of goats you would like to raise.




Do you intend to raise the goats for meat?

Or do you want to grow the goats for milk or for wool?

This is important because certain breeds of goats are more applicable for milk production or meat cultivation.

To help you decide what goat breeds to choose, click here to read more about different goat breeds for your goat farm business.

After deciding on your purpose, you may now pick the breed of your choice.

For starters, there’s no need to buy the expensive ones.

As long as you have studied well what suits the breed you chose, you will do great.

Before purchasing your goats, an inventory of your available resources for your goat farm is necessary to determine how many goats you can start with.

These resources include:

  • pastures,
  • fences,
  • shelters and
  • how much cash is available for feed and all other running costs which you had put down earlier.

You do not want to start with the number of goats that your resources can’t manage.

It is better for you start with just a few goats and gradually increase the size of the herd as the pasture is improved.

The biggest mistake you can make, when purchasing a herd of goats, is buying too many goats.

It is always best to under stock so you don’t have to purchase much feed and you have fewer problems with internal parasites (mainly stomach worms)

It is best to purchase your first set of goats directly from the breeder who produced them and to buy them at his farm to avoid buying goats that won’t breed or produce kids.

When purchasing from the farm, you can see how they are raised and how healthy the environment which they live in is.

There is many different goat breeds that you can choose for your goat farm business.


Main Factors You Must Consider For Your Goat Farm Venture


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