12 Tips For Marketing Your Goat Farm Products

Thinking of marketing some of the items you produce on your goat farm to the public ?

There are so many ways you can choose to market your goat farm products that the options themselves sometimes can seem overwhelming.


Here are 12 simple tips to help you sell more of your goat farm products

Goat Farm Products


1. You must have a business plan in place.

Your business plan will help you identify who your customer is and the market opportunities you have, thus allowing you to tailor your goat farm production to your goals.

The business plan you have for your goat farm is your roadmap, showing you how you will make your goat farming business profitable, as well as detailing how you will promote and market your goat farm products.


2. Make Sure You Diversify Your Goat Farm Products.

You will need to brainstorm lots of possible products that you can sell on your farm.

Goat farming is not only about raising goats… there is also the option of goat cheese production, goat milk sales etc.

Having more than one type of product to sell can help limit your losses – if disaster strikes.


3 Make Sure You Have Different Markets To Sell To.

You also want to have different markets that you can sell your goat farm products to.

If you only have one type of outlet for your goat farm products, you are limiting yourself, and betting your goat farm, quite literally, on sales through that one outlet.

There are many ways to market your goat farm products, so don’t limit yourself to one.


4. Try to do something new with your products.

It can be something as little as offering good packaging with your products.

If you are selling goat cheese for example at the local farmers market.. you can package it in a nice looking box that will appeal to the customer.

Iif you create something that few others do, you’re in a much better position to sell what you have, at a higher value.


5. Customer services is key to making it in goat farming business

Try and find out more about what your customers are looking for and then meet their needs …

It just might mean that the local restaurant might buy more goat meat from you if you could offer them FREE delivery as “space to store the goat meat” might just be the reason why they are not purchasing more meat from you.

Goat Farming - Market Your Goat Meat

6. Getting your existing cuistomers to buy more…

One of the easiest methods to sell more products in any business is to get your existing customers to buy more from you…

This might be an option you want to take a look at more in order to sell more of your goat farm products


7.   Plan Your income year-round.

One of the pitfalls of farming is its seasonal nature.

You will need to investigate the many ways to extend your income from your goat farm into the fall and winter months.


8  Test market products.

Get to know your customers and offer them new products on a small-scale basis, asking for feedback.

Use friends and family members – give away your test batches and ask them to be brutally honest.


9  Advertising your goat farm products is key.

It’s important to invest in advertising and branding for your goat farm.

It is critical to your success that you either learn how to be a good marketer, or hire someone who is to do the advertising and marketing part of your business.


10   Package proudly.

Consider attractive packaging which helps distinguish your product as high-end and premium.

Take time designing a unique, striking logo that customers will remember.

Write up tantalizing descriptions of products.

Give customers and CSA members recipes that they can take home with them (with your website link on the recipe card).


11.   Always Add value to your Goat Farm Products.

Don’t just sell goat milk – sell goat cheese!

The possibilities for value-added farm products are endless.

Make sure to tie this back into your business plan so you don’t go off the tracks.

You must add value, but know where this value-added product is being marketed and who your customers will be, or else you risk wasting a lot of time, effort and money.


12   Make your farmers market stall beautiful.

With some investment of time and effort, your farmers market stall can be:

  • enticing,
  • overflowing with quality,
  • colorful produce,
  • clearly marked for price, and
  • displayed in a very attractive way.

Make a Bundle at the Farmers Market goes into this in more detail.
There it is folks….

If you too have some interesing ideas that might help other members of the community.. why not share them here….

You can use the comments section or send in your article to get published…

Goat Farming Business - Market Your Goat Meat

12 Tips For Marketing Your Goat Farm Products

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