Copyright Infringement


Take Down Policy


If you have cause for complaint about an item or the website, please contact, using this form.


Action to be taken on receipt of a complaint:

On receipt of your complaint, staff will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint by email.
  • Make an initial assessment of its validity.
  • For all but spurious complaints, we will remove the item from the site that is subject to complaint.
  • Refer the complaint to our legal advisor team for comment and advice.
  • And seek to verify your identity and authority as complainant.

When the Staff has verified the authenticity of your complaint and has been advised that it is ostensibly legitimate, it will:

  • Identify the depositor of the alleged infringing material and advise him/her of the nature of the complaint.

If the author/depositor fails to refute a complaint within 30 days of notification, the complaint will be taken as upheld.


Refuting the complaint

Content that is subject to complaint will not be made available on the website again until the depositor has proven to the satisfaction of’s Legal Advisor that it does not breach any law.

Metadata describing the item will remain with’s Team as trace.