Types Of Goats

Goat Breeds To Farm

There is about 69 different goat breeds, goat breeds are generally classified based on their primary use.

Choosing the right goat breeds for your goat farming business can sometimes be daunting.

Do you intend to raise the goats for meat?

Or do you want to grow the goats for milk or for wool?

This is important because certain breeds of goats are more applicable for milk production or meat cultivation.

After deciding on your purpose, you may now pick the breed of your choice.

Here are some of the goat breeds that have been popular to breed.

Goat Breeds – Angora Goat

angora goat

The Angora goats originated in Asia Minor but are now raised all over the world.

This goat is reared in most instances for its hair.

It produces a long and thick mohair that when sheared is generally used in the fiber industry or used for knitting purposes.

They can survive virtually anywhere but are more at home in areas that are hot and dry.

For you to succeed in rearing angora goats it is important to be fully aware about its nutritional and grooming requirements.

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Goat Breeds – Alpine Goat

alpine goats

Alpine goats are renowned the world over for their high level of milk production.

They are thus mainly kept for dairy purposes. It originated from the French Alps region in Switzerland; thus the name.

They are a hardy breed that can survive in a wide range of climatic conditions.

They are relatively easy to maintain and keep.

There are two types of alpine goats, namely French and British alpine goats.

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Goat Breeds – Nubian Goats

Nubiian goats

Although the Nubian goats are named after a desert region in North Africa;

Iit is a breed that was developed in Britain through breeding of very exotic bucks that were coming from the Middle East, India and Africa with English goats.

It was later exported to other regions like the US in the early 1900s.

It has glossy and short fur and comes in a variety of solid colors from pure brown or black to a beautifully spotted variety.

The Nubian goat is second only to the Saanen goat breed as a leading milk producer.

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Goat Breeds – Saanen Goat

saanen goats - goat breeds

The Saanen goats are gentle and beautiful.

They are generally pure white, but range in color from beige to black.

These are called sables, and in some goat dairy circles are considered a separate breed, but they are a recessive form of Saanen goats.

If you have young children helping you on your dairy goat farm, you can’t find a better choice than saanen goats  for your dairy goats.

The Saanen goats are gentle and easily handled by children.

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Goat Breeds – Spanish Goat

spanish goats - goat breeds

Spanish goats are also known as Brush goat, Hill goat, Scrub goat and Wood goat.

They originally came from Spain.

Spanish goats are hardly and can survive in difficult environment with limited management inputs.

Choosing a goat breed in goat farming depends on the use of the goat.

South African goats are raised for meat.

Similarly Spanish goats are raised for clearing brush and other undesirable plant from the pasture land.

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 Goat Breeds – Choosing The Right Goat To Farm



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  1. we need to breed goats that produce two or three kids at a time to boost the goat population and avert meat shortages. its just a thought. where can i get bucks with genes that produce three kids. or where can i get semen for such bucks. better still who can share with me the simple technique of using semen in goats. I once did this with cattle.i would be grateful.

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