Spanish Goats

Spanish goats are also known as Brush goat, Hill goat, Scrub goat and Wood goat.

They originally came from Spain.

Spanish goats are hardly and can survive in difficult environment with limited management inputs.

Choosing a goat breed in goat farming depends on the use of the goat.

South African goats are raised for meat.

Similarly Spanish goats are raised for clearing brush and other undesirable plant from the pasture land

Goat farming is the process of feeding, milking, herdling and giving veterinary care to a goat.


Why raise Spanish Goats ?

spanish goats

Raising a goat can be time consuming and labor intensive.

Goat farming is done for the production of meat, hair, dairy or show.

It is important to keep the goat healthy and safe by fencing up to 5 feet.

Well exercised and well fed goats are healthy animals.

They have an ability to breed out of season.

With an increasing demand Spanish goats are not only used for pasturing but also for the meat.

Spanish goats have usually straight head profile.

The ears are generally long that fall horizontally towards the head.

The horns are usually long, flare up at the bucks and twisted at the tip.

Spanish goats have large body.

Legs are usually straight with sturdy and upright feet.

Hair of Spanish goat is short with longer hair at the back of the lower body and thighs.

Spanish goat can be found in any color.

Spanish goats have high ability to survive in difficult weather with less input.

They are parasite resistant.

They have high fertility and needs less care in terms of medication.

Most of the people still do not understand that the Spanish goat is a pure breed.

Spanish goat farming has high scope with increasing demand in goat meat and to increase the breed’s production qualities.

Due to the high demand of Spanish goat breeders have been encouraged in Spanish goat farming.

The largest Spanish goat herd is found in Texas.

Spanish goat is crossbreed for meat production with Boer goat.

The crossbreed shows Super hybrid vigor.

Spanish goats are also being crossbreed for cashmere.

Spanish goat varies in appearance and it is a landrace.

A Spanish goat weights from 50 to 200 pounds.

Spanish goat is a genetic resource around the globe.

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has listed Spanish goat as an endangered species.

Due to the endangered breed, Spanish goats are popular and dispersed to small goat farms.

Spanish goat farming can be the most beneficial business.

Due to its hardy and parasite resistant quality Spanish goats can be used to clean road side weeds.

They can even clean up poison ivy which indeed is good for their immune system.

Spanish goats are also a good mother and self sufficient on pastures.

Although with these good quality Spanish goat need a regular examination for evaluating of parasite loads.

Spanish goat farmers should keep a detail healthcare record for buyers.

The price of Spanish goat can range from 300 dollars to 500 dollars each.

Therefore, with a multi functional quality Spanish goat has strong root among goat farmers.


Spanish Goats

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