Saanen Goats

The Saanen goats are gentle and beautiful.

They are generally pure white, but range in color from beige to black.

These are called sables, and in some goat dairy circles are considered a separate breed, but they are a recessive form of Saanen goats.

If you have young children helping you on your dairy goat farm, you can’t find a better choice than saanen goatsĀ  for your dairy goats.

The Saanen goats are gentle and easily handled by children.

They can safely help without worry of injury.

Why Saanen Goats ?

saanen goats

For milk production, you can’t beat the saanen goat.

They have the most prolific production of milk with the least butterfat.

They average around one gallon of excellent, low fat milk every day.

Most of saanen goats have beards, both male and female, unless they have been groomed for show and had the beard removed.

Saanen goats are excellent for showing, as they are gentle, compliant, and easily handled.

You may want to debud them, or remove their horns.

Otherwise, both sexes will have horns.

These goats are large with heavy bone construction.

Because of their gentleness and high production, they have been used in hunger relief programs.

Due to the fact that Saanen goats are used in many commercial dairies, there are extensive records of their production and reproduction.

You can let nature take its course and let the goats do the breeding, or you can use artificial insemination and choose your buck.

Artificial insemination allows one sire to service many does.

It also allows you to choose a superb pedigree.

You are spared the expense of buying that excellent buck, and maintaining his livelihood.

You can obtain the semen for the buck you choose and have a herd of champions.

Saanen Goat farming is one of the easiest types of money-making farming ventures.

A few tips can help you have the best herd possible and have a lucrative business with the least amount of effort.

One key to a good goatherd is to have a great doe.

Don’t skimp here thinking you can save money.

You will pay in the long term.

Get the best you can possibly afford.

Be sure to check any records so you know exactly what to expect.

Get a female with a good pedigree, especially where the dam is concerned.

This means you can probably be assured of a good doe.

When you get ready to breed your does, whether you are doing it with your own sires or with artificial insemination, check the records of the sire as closely as you did your dam.

Only by having the best parent stock can you be sure to get the best offspring.

It is important that you keep detailed records as well.

If you keep good records, you can determine if a doe is worth her keep.

Keep records of production and offspring.

Also, make any special notes about handling, etc.

If you show your Saanen goats, make notations about that as well.

Not only will this help you be able to understand the quality of what you have, it will help if you decide to sell.

It is extremely vital to give your Saanen goats top quality feed.

You may think it is too expensive to give the best quality, but truly, for the best in milk production and in producing quality offspring, the proper feed is extremely important.

Don’t skimp here.


Saanen Goats

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