Raising Goats – What Is Needed To Start Raising Goats

raising goatsOne of the oldest professions practiced by man is raising goats.

Of recent, there has been an introduction of various scientific techniques to enhance production.

One of such techniques is raising goats.

Why Raise Goats ?

There are very many benefits that you can get from raising goats.

You can use the as a source of food by feeding on their meet or milk.

You can also use their fiber and skin to make clothing and their droppings as fuel.

Other reasons why you should be raising goats include:

  •   Goats can make you more self sufficient by providing you with meat, milk and carry you staff when back packing.
  • They will help you cut your dairy bill for the case of dairy goats.
  • Raising goats for meat to the expanding demand in the goat meat market.
  • Goats can be used to wipe out weeds.
  • Breeding them and selling them.
  • Goat meat is becoming increasingly popular

Types Of Goats To Raise For Your Goat Farming Business

There are various types of goats that you can keep.

It depends on what they are intended to produce.

They can be raised for:

  • milk,
  • meat,
  • fiber,
  • skins and others.

Each of these goats has very many breeds which you can choose from.

The one that are most popular are:

nubian goat

alpine goat

angora goat

saanen goat

spanish goat and many others.

What Is Needed To Start Raising Goats

Before you begin raising goats, you need to fist make a plan.

The first thing on the plan should be about the funds to manage the farm.

After ensuring that the funds are available, then you can start to consider looking at:

  • Picking which breed(s) you want,
  • buying some the necessary supplies,
  • building a pasture and a shelter,
  • the market and others.

Biology And Life Cycle Of Goats

Goats are mammals.

They mate with the males when they are on heat.

Signs of them when on heat include being restless and making a lot of noise.

After a successful mating, the fetus develops in the mother’s womb until it is ready to give birth.

Birth occurs after a period of about 150 days. The born kids mature after 15 months.

Raising Goats For Meat

Raising Goats can be a profitable business venture.

At the moment, the demand for goats meat in U.S. is high than the supply.

The decisions that need to be made before taking on this line of raising goats include:

  • housing and fencing,
  • choosing the breed,
  • market search for the meat,
  • and others.

For quality production you need to provide them with proper health care, forage and food.

Raising Goats For Milk

Goats raised for milk should be milked 2 times in a day for a production of good quality.

The activity of milking lasts for 12 – 14 minutes every doe.

In addition to that, the lactating doe needs to be fed quality pasture or hay, grain supplements containing 16 – 18% of crude protein twice a day.

You can take the kids away at birth and feed them using a bottle initially with the colostrums of the doe and later with her milk.

You can do this for about 10 – 14 days as you are preparing them for a milk replacer.

Treat the colostrums with heat to avoid infecting the kids.

The milk you obtain can be used to make cheese and other products.

Housing For Raising Goats

This is very essential for raising goats for a number of reasons.

These may include:

  • to shelter them at night,
  • for security,
  • protection from adverse climate,
  • sunlight,
  • cold etc.

The houses should be safe, dry, free from worms, and comfortable.

The space requirement for goat’s houses depends on the weight and body size of the goat.

Every single adult goat requires an area of 2.4 by 1.8 meters.

The area of the goat house can be decreased or increased depending on the number of goats in your farm, just ensure that the space is enough for each goat’s proper growing.

The different types of goat’s houses include:

  • Goat Housing over Ground,
  • Goat Housing over Pole and
  • Concrete House.

Feeding – Important Factor In Your Goats Farming Venture

Goats are herbivorous.

They can feed on grass, hay, forage and other mineral supplements.

Disease And Predator Control In Raising Goats

Raising goats is threatened by diseases and predators.

Predation is the major issue that is faced by every live stock producer.

Disease Control In Raising Goats

There are various diseases that goats can suffer from.

They can be caused by:

  • viruses,
  • parasites,
  • bacteria and some other non infectious agents.

Diagnosis of these diseases based on only symptoms is difficult because most of them resemble themselves.

Adoption of timely preventive health care can help to prevent the diseases form worsening.

Symptoms of common diseases can help to detect a sick goat as early as possible.

Some of the ways you can control diseases in goats include:

Avoid offering breeding services on your ranch or first analyze the pros and cons of doing so before making the decision.

Before taking your goats to a goat show, inquire about the necessary steps required to avoid taking disease vectors with you or your got back home.

Ensure that every one steps through a bleach solution before going to the ranch.

Clean all the pens, water containers and feed troughs very well to keep away infectious organisms.

Predator Control

The goats’ major predators are coyotes and dogs.

However, foxes, bobcats and birds of prey also pose a threat to the goat ranches.

Below are some of the things you can do to control goat predators:

Review the laws that relate to loss of live stock due to predators and predator control.

Guard the animals yourself or by hiring someone else to do the job.

Place you goats into special fences.

You can use lethal control methods.

Raising Goats As a Business

Raising goats can be done on a commercial basis.

It is a highly profitable business when managed very well, as it is the case for any business to succeed.

The sources of income from raising goats can include:

goats, goat’s meat,

goat’s skins, fibers,

goat’s milk and others.

Very many communities are adapting to this business because it’s various advantages.


Raising Goats

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