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Goat cheese is very delicious dairy product which is consumed and liked by everyone.

A huge demand of goat cheese in the market is turning it into a profitable goat cheese business.

Raising goats and manufacturing goat cheese has opened a great opportunity to earn good income.

It has also become a value added product from goat farming. Goat cheese business needs a proper amount of time, energy and devotion.

how to start goat cheese business

To start with, the first thing to consider in goat cheese business is the type of dairy goat as a source of goat cheese.

There are eight types of goat breed that are recognized as a dairy goat.

They are:

Nigerian Dwarf,






Toggenburgs and


Dairy goats need a dry and clean place that’s free of drafts.

During winter, goats need barn that is enclosed and warm.

Goats do best on the foundation of good forage such as shrubs, woods and grasses.

You can feed then high quality hay when fresh forage is not available.


Goat Farming Business – Start Up Your Own Goat Farm


You need to make sure that goats are fed to their heart’s content.

However overeating can also cause problem.

You should inspect your land for any possible poisonous forage.

Your dairy goat should be free of any diseases and illness.

Proper management of herd, timely vaccination and hygiene is very important.

Goats are easier to keep healthy rather than to heal them when they are ill.

Does will need to be bred once a year when they are 8 months old or 80 pounds.

You should keep your does separate from buck till the breeding and also after breeding.

If not the milk may taste off and the quality of goat cheese will be affected.

A Doe often have twins or triplets after 150 days of breeding.

After birth, your doe will begin to produce milk.

It can produce more than a gallon of milk per day.

Milking a goat is an easy process if you learn hands from a professional and experienced farmer.

You should keep the milking time consistent.

You can milk the doe once or twice a day however milking time should be 12 hours apart.

You can also find goat milking hand pump.

It is very important to keep the milking tool clean.

Goat milk should be immediately stored in cold place as soon as milked.


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The science and art of goat cheese making began thousands of years ago for preserving milk without refrigeration.

Today, goat cheese making is a skill.

A large scale of goat cheese making has evolved into scientific endeavor with more developed methods.

Goat cheeses are produced from a simple set of ingredients such as (bacteria) starter culture or acidifier, rennet, salt and milk.

The acidifiers such as lemon juice or vinegar are used to cause the separation of curd from the whey.

Goat Farm - Rasing goats

This culture affects the texture and flavor of the final cheese.

Rennet is used in coagulation that helps to produce firmer curds.

You can use either animal rennet or vegetable rennet for making goat cheese.

You need to use non-iodized salt which is mixed with curd to make brine for goat cheese that is soaked to create a rind.

You can use raw milk for cheese making because they contain natural enzymes and bacteria which enhances the flavor of the cheese or you can go for pasteurization.


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These cheeses can be aged for 60 days or more and considered to be a hard cheese.

The texture and flavor derived from goat cheese are a mix of variables for type of culture, type of milk, heated temperature, amount of rennet and processing method.

There are multiple benefits of goat cheese such as metabolism boosting; good for brain, easy to digest.

It is a good source of protein, calcium and other nutrients.

It is low in fat and calories which makes it a perfect diet for weight conscious people.

Profitability of goat cheese business depends on the equipment and resources for the business.

You will also have to analyze the current and local market trend.

However goat farming and goat cheese business can be a win-win situation for you if handled with care.

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